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Originally Posted by melinda9723 View Post
I haven't been knitting long myself so I don't have any advice of my own but would love to get tips on this.
I knit continental and I find my right arm and fingers get tired after about 15 mins of knitting.I mostly knit on circular needles.
I do tend to crochet/knit tightly but am trying to work on it.
I taught myself to knit and I think I taught myself the wrong way. I insert my needle in the back loop on the needle from right to left.
Just wondering if these facts play a part in tiredness.
Hi! I came across this link in an earlier post in this thread and found it helpful. I knit continental, learned crochet first, and also have had problems with my hands getting tired. I'm currently working with sock yarn and haven't tried holding the yarn as she does in the video with worsted weight, but it is much easier for me to maintain even tension with the sock yarn holding it as in the video.

So I think I'm obligated now to share a tip or 2.

Don't be afraid to try something new or different. You might find you like it. I have, more than once.

When knitting in the round I wrap the first and last stitches on the needle backwards to twist the stitch, it helps prevent laddering for me. I make sure I knit into the back leg when I come back to it, wrapping the yarn backwards to twist the new stitch.
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