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Help needed with a pattern
This is the bit I am having trouble with P1, ybk, S1p, yfrt, P1 - so I did what I thought it was asking me to do which was to have the wool either at front of work or back of work before slipping unknitted stitch on to my needle but then the next row said insert point of right hand needle into next stitch & knit this stitch together with the 3 loops at back (I cant see any loops - so obviously done something wrong & what loops are they referring too as this instruction about the knitting 3 loops was my 5th row so I have been doing the yfrt etc for 4 rows - so do they mean loops vertically over the previous 4 rows or do they mean horizontally 3 loops on this 5th row. What is it they are trying to achieve in this knitting so I know whether I have done it correctly.
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