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Convert a crochet to a knit??
Hi everyone!!

I am BRAND new here so I hope y'all don't mind helping a newby. What an amazing resource this site is, I can't believe I didn't know about it until now!!

There has been a pin floating around Pinterest that has caught my eye. Except, it's for a crochet pattern and I am a TERRIBLE crocheter.

What I'm wondering is... would there be an easy way to convert this to knitting? Apparently it's an incredibly easy crochet pattern but I literally don't even know where (or how!) to start with a hook.

What do you all think?? Can this be converted to an easy knit pattern? OR am I going to have to finally learn to crochet once and for all if I want to make these?

(Oops, apparently I can't post the link in here... I'll post it in a comment right below.)
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