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Entrelac Shawl
I purchased a kit that included the yarn for the shawl and purchased the pattern separately about two years ago. I had no idea how to knit "entralec" and I am also left handed, very left handed. I struggled over the past winter and some this summer trying to learn to do the pattern. There is a wealth of information out there for right handed knitters but not so much for left-handers. Went to one class with a right-handed knitter but didn't seem to get the knack. Came home and began trying it again. After a month of working on a 4 rectangle sampler--doing one row-ripping it out, graduating to two rows--ripping out again, -three rows and rippig out again and again I finally began to see the light. I am on the third row of rectangle of the Autumn Shawl. I read the direction for the fringe which makes the shawl so beautiful and I am glad I found this web page and the information submitted by those who have already done the work. If and when I finish the pattern I hope to have a picture on-line.
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