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knots in ss yarn
Originally Posted by ltotheb View Post
so, I was knitting a scarf with grey Caron Simply Soft, and then all of a sudden I come upon this knot in the skein. So I untangled the knot and realized, THIS IS TWO STRANDS OF YARN TIED TOGETHER, right in the middle of my skein of yarn! I just continued knitting with it, just thinking it was extremely weird.. then as I was working with it more, I realized that this section of yarn felt different than the first (kind of rougher and chunky), but I was almost done by that point, so I just kept going. Then when I was finished and looked at the scarf, you can see a color change and sort of texture change for the last quarter of the scarf!!

Has this ever happened to any one else? I'm not really upset about the color change, I just think it's really weird that they would sell a skein of yarn that had two different dye lots tied together in it...
I have found knots in this yarn a couple of times, but not a change in texture. I just untied it and treated it as starting a new ball of yarn. Is kind of annoying, tho. Linknit41
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