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Addi click
well, to me it's a combination of personal preference and project.

most of the time i go for circular needles with metal tips.
'prym' metal circulars - good tips and the transition to the cable is even. soft cables too.
'pony' - no! no! no!... cheap but nasty.
'addi click' - my favourite! all addis are nice and I had some before I got the basic set the other day. the click system is very reliable and one can connect and disconnect tips and needles in 2sec... no fiddle, no screwing in/out... just click it. not cheap, but a real joy.

there are also benefits to bamboo needles. such like that it makes less 'clickediclick' noise while knitting. good if one likes to knit and watch movies at the same time. also while working with very soft yarn it can be helpful if the needles have more grip, so avoid needles sliding out to easily... especially when making socks etc where one needle is unsupported while knitting.

over all - i vote for addi. - they also do a starter kit (metal tips only) so one could try and than add bamboo or lace tips to test.
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