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Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
I see people using these in the grocery stores. Would they need service through a cell plan in order to use them there or do most grocery stores now have wi-fi that the public can access?

It depends on the app -- some apps you use right on the tablet, without accessing anything online, in which case you don't need to worry about wifi or cellular service.

Like Jan, I'm surprised that people would tote around iPads while grocery shopping, but obviously they are doing something that works for them.

This site: can help you see what apps are available and how much they cost. There is a search box on the right side. It gives you cost, descriptions, and screenshots of what the apps look like. It may be a bit overwhelming, but it would give you an idea what is out there.

Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
How long does the battery last, on average, before it has to be replaced?

I have the original iPad and I'm still using the original battery. The only iDevice that I've had to replace a battery on what my original iPod Nano; however, that ended up getting recalled (and replaced) due to a battery issue. Batteries in Apple devices seem to last a very long time. Sorry I can't help much with that.
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