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Here's my problem. I'm 6 rows into the body, and the wrong sides of the main body portion are facing out, and the nice, flat stockinette stitch sides are facing each other, hidden from view. I can peek at them when I'm mid row and hate that it's all hidden in there. How am I doing this backwards? How have I managed to knit it all inside out?
You must be doing variation 3? Are you making sure to move both colors of yarn to front and then back again? I've been playing with double knitting and I think if you don't you'll have a problem but I don't think that explains the stockinette inside. At the front of your work, whichever color is showing on that side gets knitted, move the yarn to the front and purl the color on the back of your work. You won't always be knitting with the same color. If you always knit with the same color and purl with the other you'll get garter stitch, I think.
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