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Cabling with 11 sts
I have a scarf pattern which is making me crazy. It calls for C22B and C22F. I've gotten fairly good with the C4 and even C8, but this is so difficult. The directions specify:
C22B Cable 22 back: Slip next 11 sts on CB and hold in back,
K11, K11 from CN
C22F Cable 22 front: slip next 11 sts on CN and hold in front,
K11, K11 from CN

I knitted thru the first set of cables [Rows 1-24] but there's a length of yarn that 'drags' along the back of the scarf and the stitches from the cable needle are so tight when placed back on the LH needle for knitting that I can't seem to work them without using a smaller needle to knit the stitch and then carry it over the top of the RH needle.

I love cabling, but this pattern is making me rethink my ability to do it.

Anyone ever cable like this?
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