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Originally Posted by kbabij View Post
Hi again! Well, it took several days of trying but I finally got that circle. (I really should have been listening to the video with the sound ON. Not kidding.)

GG, can you guide me as to my next step? I did the circle and the first round in SC, just following her video instructions. What do I do next?

These would be the next lines in the instructions:

ch 2. 2 hdc in each stitch around. join.

Do I now follow the pattern? OR can I just keep knitting around that circle I made?

(Sorry, I really feel like an idiot here...!)

Then this is the rest of the pattern:

ch 2. 1 hdc in next st. 2 hdc in next st. repeat around. join.

ch 2. 1 hdc in each st around. Join. Do this till toe area is the length you want.

I can't believe how much this is confounding me!
When I was trying to learn to knit after years and years of crocheting, I decided that 8 fingers and 2 thumbs on 2 hands and 2 needles and the all added up to too many moving parts. Tonight, I got my yarn and hook out and had to go look how to do the ring and it feels a bit awkward to be starting something in crochet again. There's no need to feel like an idiot. It took me a long time to get the hang of the adjustable ring.


Did you join the 6th st to the 1st st in the round with a slip st? To slip stitch, put the hook through the 1st st then pull a loop through both stitches. If that doesn't make sense, search for something that does.

Chain 2 and work a hdc in the first stitch then 2 in each stitch in the round and join the 12th st to the 1st st of the rnd.

So yeah, from here on out just basically follow the pattern. You'll stop adding stitches when it fits your foot as you like it, gauge isn't that important on this.

I'm using Lion Brand Hometown USA in Santa Fe Tweed and an N hook (I'd try L as in the pattern but don't have one, I skip from K to N).

Maybe we should have a new thread in the Crochet forum?
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