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My knitting seems to have gone transdimensional - Help!

I'm new to this website, and I apologise for just jumping in with my problem, but this is really confusing me.

I'm trying to make a blanket poncho according to a pattern from a magazine and while I'm following the pattern exactly, all it's doing is decreasing the number of stitches - I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...

This is the pattern I'm following:

1- (RS) k1, (yfwd,skpo) to last st, k1
2 - k1, (yrn, p2tog) to last st, k1
3 - Rep last two rows seven times more and row 1 once more.

I started with exactly 226 stitches and now I have 30-ish. This is done on circular needles and is a british pattern.

HELP! This is the first time I have done something this big and the first time I have used circular needles...
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