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Originally Posted by kbabij View Post
**By the way, I'm still working with practice yarn, not the actual socks yet!

Okay, I joined it -- that was good advice, I had been getting that part wrong.

And then I did ch 2 and worked in a HDC.

But I don't understand what you mean when you said, "... then 2 in each stitch in the round." 2 of what?

Your instructions are helping, I'm further than I was yesterday!!

2 sts in ea st of the previous rnd. Better than me trying to tell you......I found you a video! Finally!
She's working in dc and the pattern calls for hdc but this should help you see how it all works. If you can follow along and do it with her, changing to hdc shouldn't be a problem. If you simply can't get the ring to work for you, forget it and do what the pattern says. My idea of 'better' doesn't mean it's better for everyone.
Beth is one of my favorites for crochet lessons. You might not find her as easy to follow. If not, try finding another video that works for you. I googled crochet a circle.
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