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Hi and welcome to Knitting Help and the wonderful world of sock knitting!
You've just finished a round with 34sts on the needles. Slip the last 16sts that are on the right hand needle (these are sts you've already knit) onto a needle for the heel. Now use that needle to knit the next 16sts which are on the left hand needle (these are the next sts you would knit for the next round). Put the next st on a dpn and then the following st onto another dpn. These sts are going to be worked for the instep which is the part of the sock that goes over the top of the foot. You'll have 32sts on one needle, one st on each of two needles.
It seems like fewer sts for the instep than usual but maybe there's something tricky happening later in the pattern. Was the round just completed in fact 34sts?
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