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New to site and stuck with my knitting!
Hi all,
I'm teaching myself to knit but I'm having a little trouble with my pattern and need some advice. I am making a cardigan and currently working on left front.

I have 9 sts on my needle and the righthand side has a cable of 6 sts when you look at from the right side

My pattern goes as follows;

Patt 7, sl 2sts onto a thread, turn. (When working second side K2 and sl these 2 sts onto a thread, then patt to the end on this row.) 7sts.
patt 1 row.
Dec 1 sts at each end of next row. 5 sts.
P1 row.

So......I have 9 sts and understand that I have to patt 7 and put 2 on a thread, turn my work and are left with 7 sts on my needle but I don't understand the part in brackets. I am at the top of my left front and it seems to be tapering off.

All help appreciated.
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