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Originally Posted by DavidSydney63 View Post
Hey Grumpy - I was taught to knit "English style" by my mother, many years ago, but just this week, was shown the continental way by a man who's a member of the Sutherland Shire Spinners and Weavers (a group I'm Secretary of). It's a great way of knitting really and I'm amazed why more people don't adopt it. I'm certainly going to try and reprogram my brain.
Learning something new is so cool and it sounds like you had a great teacher. I don't have a problem purling Continental, haven't got the hang of it English. Someone here knits Eastern European (?) and others knit Portuguese style. I want to try both at some point. I have a great deal of respect for those who knit English comfortably and well. For me, it is just really hard, I think because I crocheted for 20+ years before knitting and I tried it more like crochet before I found out there is a real way to knit like that. It's great you have two knitting styles now. Even if you only ever do ribbing in Continental, it'll be handy for that, and if you get into 2 color knitting you can use it there. As for purling, there is a link somewhere in here that I checked out and looked at how she holds the yarn; I reposted the link. I don't do the rest as she does in the video but I find holding the yarn like that works better for me than anything else I've tried and makes purling easier. So....try different ways of holding your yarn and find what's comfortable for now and try something else later on, you might like it better then.
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