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Whoa, I didn't expect so many responses so quickly. Thanks for the input everybody. Jan in CA's help did the trick for me. I was able to slip it back off onto the other needle and fix it.

Here's how that square turned out (don't laugh!)

I'm proud of myself for making it this far. While I have your attention, what can I do to keep the bottom row of stitches from looking so ugly? That's the row that I cast-on. I used the long-tail method. Did I not pull it tight enough? You can see the spacing between the stitches is really uneven.

Also, I may have used a poor choice of words when I called knitting "cheap". I don't mean to offend anybody or imply that this is a cheap hobby. But compared to my other hobbies of backpacking ($300 pack, $400 tent, $200 boots, $200 sleeping bag, etc all of which wear out and need replaced) and motorcycles (don't even get me started), knitting certainly is *less expensive*.
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