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Very happy to find an online knitting community
Hello everyone,
I've recently started knitting again after a very long hiatus away from it. Growing up on Cape Breton, knitting sweaters was a income generating hobby - got to love the tourists - and strange to say that as a child, I knitted sweaters long before I ever made a scarf.

I don't work from premade patterns very much but I have been trying to write them down so I can share them with the family.
I'm working on an oversized hooded poncho for my daughter's Christmas gift at the moment. (I'm so pleased that they've come back in style.) I've already unraveled it twice as the sample patches I made didn't translate well into the garment. I think that I'm trying to go too fancy, the cables and ladders don't lie properly giving the poncho a skewed look so I'm going for a simple seed stitch this time.

Be assured I shall be needing a lot of help as my memory for stitches has gotten a bit fuzzy and I'll remember a part of a stitching pattern but end of staring at the needles when the results don't match the vision.

Pleased to be here and I'll post a pic when I get really going on it. Critiques and opinions are always welcomed.
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