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I've been stumped for well over a week. The instructions simply do not make sense. Am I knitting a piece that will become a cover for the side holes for the ties? Am I misunderstanding and perhaps I need to knit to the end of the row (though this is not stated)? Sounds a bit like short rows, but that doesn't make sense. Nor is there any instruction to pick up the bar when wrapping a stitch. No comments on ravelry from other users. What am I not getting?

Shape Neck
Next 2 rows With M, k1, sl 1pwise, turn, yb, sl 1, k1
Next 2 rows With M, K2, sl 1pwise, turn, yb, sl 1, k2
etc, etc

No instruction to knit to end. No instruction to knit a full row inbetween, or pick up a wrap.....
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