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Need help reading pattern,beginner knitter
Hi all,

Im new here, knitting my baby daughter a jumper, and am stuck on the pattern..Im knitting a jumper, and Im on the back, near the neck..
this is for 4 different sizes, my size is the 2nd size...

the instruction reads...
Next Row. P2[4:4:1], inc in next st, (p3, inc in next st) 0
[0:0:1] times, p4, inc in next st, (p3, inc in next st) 0 [0:0:1] times, p2 [4:4:1]. 12 [16:16:20] sts.

This is my first knitting effort since school...I really dont get what to do..I understand how to read my I purl 4, then do I add a stitch? inc in next st...I dont understand this bit? then it says 0 times..? so does this not apply to my size? then again I purl 4 ( I get that) and again I increase in next stitch?? not sure what to do...add a stitch? then purl 3 & again inc ?? again 0 times?? so do I ignore this instruction? then purl 4. then just 16 stitches at end, I presume I just purl these???

Please, any help greatly appreciated!!!!
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