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Thanks to Judy, I ended up ordering a Hiya Hiya set of U.S. size 2 tips and a cable for them. If I like it on the smallest they had, then the larger sizes should be great. They got me with their free shipping on orders of $35 and a 10% off on $40. I ended up spending just about $40 including tax. Expensive needles!!! The yarn and a few other things that should be in the same pkg. will help with the sticker shock.

ETA: It turns out the Hiya tips I ordered are out of stock as is one of the sock yarns. They already shipped the order and I will have a cable for Hiya tips but no tips to go on it. Hmmmm..... If they'd let me know I would have changed the order to get a different size of the tips. Anyhow, they still gave me free shipping and the 10% off even though my order is now under $23 including tax. I will undoubtedly order from them again, knowing I'm taking a chance on things not being available because they still gave me free shipping and the coupon discount. They really know how to make this fool part with her money!

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