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Having major problems decreasing and keeping to pattern
Patter: Row 1 - K all sts Rows 2 and 5: 1 edge st, *sl1, kl, psso, 1 yo*, cont rep from * to *, 1 edge st. Rows 3, 6 and 12: k all sts while at the same time dropping yo of the previous row. Rows 4 and 7: 1 edge st, out of each st k1 st and k1 st twisted. Rows 8-10: k all sts Row 11: 1 edge st, 1 yo, *k1, 2yo* cont rep from * to * end with k1, 1 yo, 1 edge st. Rows 13 and 14: k all sts. Cont rep rows 1 - 14.

Now comes the hard part (at least for me)

Left front - shape neck: dec at the left edge 1 st 16 times alt every 4th and 2nd row (1 st 8 times every 4th row and 1 st 10 times every 2nd row.

With the pattern I am making stitches on certain rows which I have had to lose but now I need to decrease so I am not able to make the missing stitches first. I am ending up with hardly any stitches, I do not understand how to keep to the pattern and at the same time be decreasing. I hope that I have explained my problem clearly, if the decreases were on the knit rows it would not be a problem, but they aren't!! Please help me...I'm going crazy...
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