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Absolutely correct, my counting mistake....
tanks so much for your help & tip on the videos...
its great watching the jumper come together...
A quik question, to you pro knitters,
Im sure youve all done jumpers before,
this is a baby jumper, with 3 buttons opening on the top of one shoulder, & a short rib neck,

for shaping the top, Ive put 2/3rds of the knitting on a stitch holder & knitted the part that will have the button closing.
then I transferred half of what was left onto a stitch holder & am knitting the opposite side of the jumper (if you understand me)

Im left with the middle section of the back of the jumper, (about 14 stitches on a stitch holder)..
the the pattern moves onto the front...I tink it comes back to this section later under neckband....

does this happen normally...just Im terrified something might happen & the sticthes fall off when Im knitting the front,

would it be that this part on both the front & the back of the jumper are eventually knitted together?? Just I never did a jumper before..

sorry for the long explanantion....hope you get what I mean..
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