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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
No kidding! It used to be that if you were trying not to spend money you stayed there is Internet shopping!

ETA... Forgot to tell you... I take Ambien at night. You hear about the occasional case of people sleep walking or eating, but I discovered a new one. Twice now I've sleep shopped. Luckily I've only gotten small knitting things.

OMG that's scary! I was expecting you to say sleep knitting. I bet you're not the only one who's done that, Jan. Sometimes I am really glad I can't take Rx drugs.

It's so hard for me to spend money that by the time I finally am ready to complete the order, limited stock items could be all sold out. I always walk away and do something else before finalizing.

ETA: Unfortunately virtual shopping can lead to IRL NSF!
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