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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I forgot that I also bought some vanilla syrup on Amazon one night. It was missing the pump so I sent an email and they refunded the whole thing so that one was okay. Actually the others were a couple $3 patterns so no big deal.

I have trouble spending money, too. That's probably what saved me from spending much. I am apparently cautious in my sleep, too!

Wish I could sleep w/o help, but I've tried every "remedy" known to man and I'm just not a good sleeper.
I go through stages of sleeping pretty well and then not sleeping well at all. Fortunately for my downstairs neighbor knitting is quiet. Maybe you'll wake up one morning and find a complicated project finished to perfection. They say that people who are hypnotized can't be made to do things they would normally not do (like "when you wake up you will kill this person" as an extreme example) and I expect the the altered state of consciousness with sleep activity is similar and you won't spend huge amounts ever.
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