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Multiplying Irish hike scarf pattern
I want to use the IHS pattern to make a blanket with 7 cables and a wider border of 6 stitches on the sides. I know the basic pattern is a repeat of 12 so i need 96 stitches, however i have seemed to end up 2 stitches out on the RS by the time i got to Row 4. This is what i had:

Row 1: WS k6, (p2, k2, p6, k2)*7 k6
Row 2 RS k8, p2, k6, p2, (k2, p2, k6, p2)*6 k6
Row 3: repeat row 1
Row 4: repaet row 2

I'm sure i have made the mistake with the adding of the extra stitches to make the border wider but i can't work it out

If someone could spell it out for me it would be greatly appreciated,
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