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Denise was my very first experience with interchangeable circs. I certainly do love how easy they connect, plus the way you can 'invent' any length you want with all those spare cable pieces and connectors.

I did like using them a lot. I remember them being very warm in my hands, buttery in feel. Nicely pointed and accurate. I liked their 'quietness', too. Altogether, very pleasant to work with.

My knitting changed, and the Denise cables became a bit of a hindrance to my speed. Not that speed is my priority. But they simply couldn't keep pace with my yarn type and stitches. I still have my Denise circs, in boring original gray.

Denise stalks are extra long, aren't they a bit? I think they are. This could also contribute to your great experience with them. People with larger hands like that extra length to grasp onto. I also like the longer stalks, even though my hands are smallish.
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