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I have watched every episode of every Season of Survivor since the very beginning, about 11 years ago when Richard Hatch won!

We have a wonderful Survivor Fans Group over at Ravelry, too, Jan! I have learned tons of things from the members. Such you know what The Ponderosa is???

It is where the producers sequester the jury members until the final Tribal Counsel. Whereas the very first nine Survivors are holed up in secret somewhere, too....they are never seen again until The Finale and the winner is announced.

But the last nine voted off become part of the Jury, and they are sequestered in a nearby location, called The Ponderosa no matter where the show is being shot.

When they are initially sent packing, the camera crew follows and films them on their sometimes tearful ride of shame to The Ponderosa. They are filmed as they SCARF DOWN goodies given to them in the vehicle. They are filmed as they get weighed in by a doctor. They're filmed as other Jury members meet and greet them at the main kitchen/dining area, usually an open air affair on tropical locations. The camera crew follows the Jury members as they're taken on little day trips and shopping nearby. Their new sleeping digs are shown and filmed as the newest jury member marvels at their debilitated state in the bathroom mirror, and as they ooooh and ahhhh over the bag of personal items and clothing they sent ahead.

Anyway, links to these weekly Ponderosa videos are posted in our Survivor Group! I love watching The Ponderosa videos more than the doggone show, I tell ya! The Ponderosa doesn't start until the first Jury Member is voted off.

I was SOOOOO ELATED that Russell Hantz (the evil Troll) was voted OUT #2 on the last of his three Survivor Seasons because it truly meant we were done with him once and for all! He would have ruined The Ponderosa experience, and caused soooo much chaos as a Jury member! Gah!

I can vouch for the Survivor Group! A well-mannered bunch! Join us!

Plus, I started a thread that our mod Sticky'd that gives all the tribes, the Survivor names on each tribe with a physical description, plus each week we cross out the name of the 'goner'. (won't be missing Russell Swan!!!)

Tonight someone is real sick, medics on site. Dana, I think. She's the butch blonde with all the tattoos. Dunno if she'll opt to leave. (this isn't a was on the commercials this week)

YES, I WATCH TAR, TOO! And belong to TAR group at Rav! I post in it, but not a lot. Just 2 worth.
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