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Yes, Colton from last year was actually worse than The Troll! At least Russell trash talked and disrespected people behind their back, talking big in front of the cameramen. Colton was plain mean and hurtful to your face for no reason but for his own bigotry and racism. He was shameful. I was actually gleeful when he was rollin' around in pain. A lot less pain than he had caused his fellow Survivors.

I guess what sticks in my craw so bad (about The Troll) is the overdose of him! Two back-to-back Samoa seasons, Gah.....then he's back almost immediately to challenge Boston Rob the very next year!

The Season that Boston Rob won was hands down THE BEST SURVIVOR SEASON I've ever enjoyed!!! I liked it so much that I bought the entire digital series on Amazon! Not only did Russell Hantz get blindsided, his doggone tribe threw a challenge to get rid of him! He was so furious when he lost to Matt the Bible Boy on Redemption Island that he cried! CRIED!!! That is true fury. Ha! Boy oh boy, that was sooooooo satisfying.

Plus, watching Boston Rob 'handle' his tribe, including Crazy Phillip the Federal Agent, was priceless! OMG. I actually liked Phillip! The red-headed stepchild. lol

Boston Rob is Russell's polar opposite. As Rob stated at the Finale where Russell was in the Final 3 and lost, again: "Russell plays to get to the End, not to Win."

So true.
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