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About this season on TAR: I don't have any favorites yet. Plus, there aren't any teams that I'm sick of listening to.

A few Seasons in a row there were couples that fought so much I thought I'd get sick. Bossy screaming women, bossy bellering men. Adults acting out like bratty kindergarten kids. Grrrr. It was very very aggravating.

Kinda like the reality show called AxMen. We quit watching it because it was more.about the loggers' temper tantrums, cursing, and outright fighting than it was about the logging business.

Same goes for another reality show, Gold Diggers. In Alaskan seas up by Nome. Screaming, F-bombs, cursing, abusive behavior. We quit watching it because we didn't like the people. The underwater gold mining business was interesting, but the show became all about these miserable foul mouthed, bad tempered morons. Enough.
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