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Oh are you ever going to love this. I just realized, the pattern is for Mary Janes which you and I are not making. (Forgive me for this: Houston, we have a problem.) OK, back on track, what you need to do is keep crocheting around and around and around until it is time for the heel, then we can figure out the best way to do the heel.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who picks a difficult project to start on...actually the slipper/socks aren't difficult when you already have some crochet experience under your belt, it's the adapting the pattern. You'll get 'em done! Since I just admitted I need to turn the heat on tonight, I'm eager to make mine too.

ETA: You don't want to work on part of the stitches turn and go back yet. You will still be working all the stitches.
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