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Originally Posted by kbabij View Post
GG, if you were making the MaryJanes, how would you make the heel on those?
The same way. I see now how it works. I've simply not crocheted in a long time. Thanks for getting me motivated, this is a near instant gratification project for me, especially since I'm helping you too.

You asked about cutting the yarn. Don't cut the yarn.

Here's where I am at:

I've knit--oops! I mean crocheted! the foot in the round. 18 hdc
I worked back and forth on 14 sts for about 4 rows. Those 14 sts will folded in half and sewn together to close the back of the heel. I clipped the heel together and tried it on. When I was satisfied that it fit I joined the last of the 14 sts in that row to the first st in the row with a sl st.
I can now go back to crocheting in the round. I will come back later and sew the heel closed. You can do it now if you want, just use different yarn or from the other end of your ball.

Hopefully that is somewhere near as clear as mud, let me know what doesn't make sense and I'll try again.

Alas, knitting is so much easier on my hands I don't think I'll be likely to do more major crochet projects.

Edited: I meant crocheted up there. Good grief. Maybe I'm getting sleepy.
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