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Salmonmac, I took a peek at those two websites and got some ideas from the girls' dresses. For the first one with the bodice and the fabric skirt, I think I'll make a shorter skirt by knitting it in the round, possibly with an eyelet stitch pattern; I have a lovely knit sleeveless top in a charcoal gray that I can sew it onto; the top is too short, and adding a short "skirt" would be the ticket. Of course I must measure and get gauge (a simplified way to get gauge I read in one of my knitting books which is thorough and easy! I just explained this to Rochester.) Not sure about which stitch pattern to use....any ideas? And any color suggestions?

The second pattern, the "sundressy" one with the criss-cross halter attached, made me think of a saucy little black tank, complete with tie-ups up the bodice. (Think shoelaces going up the front of the chest and ending at the top where you tie a bow.) Again, this is to short, hence it hangs eternally in my closet. I don't wish to make a halter, but I wanted to add some pizzaz to my top. The straps are 1/2" wide, and I think I'll just make single bobbles the length of the straps. For the bottom of the top, I think I'll make an extended edging, possibly the Seaweed Fringe (from the book Stitch Library by Claire Crompton- I can't say enough about this book!)
So those are my ideas I got from those websites-thank you, thank you!!
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