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need pattern help - transferring from double-knitting to knitting in the round
I was considering trying to make some of these (Ravelry pattern) for stocking stuffers for Christmas but I am having trouble visualizing how to to make the transfer from double-knitting to knitting in the round.

I have never done double-knitting before but I reviewed a couple of videos and I think I understand the concept. DK in this pattern may be a little difficult because, if I understand the pattern correctly, I would be using the same colored yarn from two different balls to make the double-knit stitches instead of two different colors of yarn from two different balls as one usually does in DK but I think I can handle it.

My big concern/question is about how to move from the DK to the circular knitting. How exactly do you go from two strands/two balls of yarn (DK) to one strand/one ball of yarn (circular knitting)?

Also, I don't have DPNs so I planned to use magic loop. Is that feasible?

Last question, in the DK instructions of the pattern, it says to "k1, sl1". Do you slip knit-wise or purl-wise (cause normally this would be a purl stitch)?
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