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Got Any Spare Needles?
Hi all!

I've been a bit MIA for the last couple of years. I got myself a teaching job and have been in the throes of learning how to teach and whatnot. For a forty-something year-old, starting a career later in life has been challenging but great fun too!

Here's the purpose for my post. I've basically got an informal knitting club going at school. What started with one student wanting to learn to knit has evolved, in four days to five girls.

I've run out of extra needles, although I do have plenty of yarn. Yay! I can finally justify my large stash!

Does anyone have any spare needles they would be willing to donate?

I've got my kids using the long Boye needles, and they are happy with them because they are longer.

If you can donate anything, I'd be so grateful, as would they. I've got more girls wanting to learn than I have needles for, and my students are quite disadvantaged. Most of them receive free/reduced lunch. Buying needles is not an option for them.

Thanks in advance!!! My girls actually were saying "how natural" it felt to be knitting! Pretty cool, is it not?

Thanks again!

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