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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I was just curious about needle size. Am in a sock class and we are making 3 pair of socks for "Socktober" although our class goes 1 week into November. I'm using 3 diff needle brands (KP, Hiya Hiya, Addi) because that's what I had...or bought. They are all 32" cable zeros, but the class teacher says I could have gone down to a 00. I'm happy with them though.

In case you're wondering...I have 2 socks with the gusset done and ready for heel class tonight. Also have 3 more toes cast on and one of them has about to 4" of foot.
Are you doing two at a time with magic loop?? I just never got the hang of two at a time and didn't like magic loop as well though I know people swear by it. I just use my good ole dpn's. One thing I found was if you are making socks like I did for my son, really big and long, use bigger needles, it goes faster. I had 96 st on my needles for his socks and they took me forever.
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