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I like All Free and Clear. I work with food and it gets the stains out. Plus, it's great for children and adults who might be sensitive to perfumes and dyes. One thing I learned is that you have to read labels with detergents and liquid fabric softeners. Some are made for regular washers and others are made for the new energy efficient machines. Those will have the label HE (High Efficiency) somewhere on the bottle. It's usually on the front but Downey likes to put theirs on the back. You're not supposed to substitute the two types of detergent and softeners. Using an HE product in a regular machine won't get the clothes as clean because they use less soap. Using a regular detergent in an HE machine will give you too many suds and you may have to put the machine through another rinse to get rid of it all. It also puts more wear and tear on the machine and can void the warranty.
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