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My experience with
I thought others would like to know that this is a place where customers are treated well.

When I placed my order with I ordered a set of Hiya Hiya tips and a cable. The tips were out of stock and they sent me a cable that I have no use for. I just called about returning it. They won't take it back but they are crediting my debit card for the price of the cable. The cost of the return is more than the price of the cable; I said I'd just put it in an envelope with a stamp but they still wouldn't take it back.

My original order was for over $40 which qualified for free shipping and a 10% discount. With the items that were out of stock (some clearanced sock yarn I really wanted and the Hiya Hiya tips) I ended up paying about $22 and they still gave me free shipping and the 10% discount.
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