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I am so stuck...
[font="Comic Sans MS"] Hi everyone! I am new to this website and forum and am so glad I have came across it. I am trying to knit a baby cardigan, specifically Jarol E6111 but I just cannot get the right side to 'work'.... Can you help??

So I have ribbed 10 rows and have 30 stitches on needle and pattern reads as follows:
1st row: knit 4, yfwd, Sl1K, K1, psso, k3, k2tog, yfwd, yrn and yon, k2tog, k7
2nd row: P8, p into back of front and double yrn of previous row, p20

I just keep ending up with too many stitches... In the first row when i bring the yfwd and SL1K then K1 i end up with 2stitches... I purl both of these... What am i doing wrong?! I keep ending up with 31 stitches...

I have done more ripping out in the past few days trying to get this right... Am 28 and losing the will... Please help :-)
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