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I dropped off Puppy Purplepalooza last week and received very warm thanks and gratitude. They asked for everyone's address so that they could send thank you cards, but I told them that if they sent one to me, I would make sure you all see it. (Not like that other one they sent that I promised to share and never did. I know it's in one of my to-do piles here next to my desk and still plan to post it for you to see.)

I always leave there wishing I could whip out another half dozen to give them right away.

Here is our new snuggle list; I'll work out the order as soon as they are full since I want to give everyone (that wants to finish and start) an opportunity to donate and start new.

Calico Kitty (whites, browns, tans, blacks and all calico colors):
1. Moonbunny
2. KristinMei
3. Susan/susanuehl

Into The Forest (unthemed, any color):
1. Susan/susanuehl

Collie Cuddle (unthemed, any color, beginning with taupe and autumn colors):
1. Katie/sakurapanda
2. Susan/susanuehl
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