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Knitting help for a beginner!
Okay so I am pretty new to knitting. Iíve learned to knit and to purl and Iím getting to adding new yarn and stripes or whatever-

But for Christmas I am knitting 3 scarves. One is going to be plain color. One is going to be simply striped but the BEST one-

I want to look something like this!

I have the yarn, but the design is kinda complicated for a beginner and I've never used a pattern or made my own pattern!

My grandmother is an experienced knitter, but she just got out of the hospital! Iím hoping maybe the people of the internet could help a knittingnoob like me? ;uu;

Thanks anyway for reading this even if you canít help!

(Also I apologize if I have been disrespectful or ignorant in anyway. Like I said, I'm very new to knitting. I've only been knitting for a few months!)
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