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Picking up the needles again
I'm working on a pattern from Ravelry called Caramel. It's a free pattern, and I just was drawn to how cozy it looked. I'm doing it in grey and a grey blueberry color. It's been a little while since I've knitted, and picking it up again was relaxing and , stressful ,lol. I think you know what that can be like. Keeping track of where I am with my written instructions are a little difficult lately and a true test to weather or not I should see the optometrist soon So, to keep on for now, I've written down row by row what I've done. Have you seen these new APP's they have? I have to ask my daughter or grandson how I can try them, it sure is less trouble having to stop and rewrite a pattern Have you any tips for this young senior citizen ? What are you working on lately ? Best to one and all. elise
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