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I'm teaching knitting to students!
I work in a high school and on my free time I bust out my needles. I've had many students ask me questions about knitting and if I could teach them, so I decided to start up a knitting club on Tuesdays at lunch! I had yarn donated by other staff members and I was given some money to buy needles to loan out. Today was the first day and I had 7 girls show up. Brand new knitters!

I found it extreamly difficult to teach a group. It's much easier if you are one on one with them so they can copy what you are doing. Each other them have a set of 4.5 or 5.5 mm needles and worsted weight yarn. I was trying to teach them the Long tail cast on but none of them were getting it. I am a continental knitter so I was teaching them the continental way to do the basic knit stitch but again needles were fumbling, stitches were falling off.

I told them to practice throughout the week and to come see me in my classroom if they have questions before next knitting club. I also told them to use the Internet.

Any suggestions about what cast on method I should teach them and if there is an easier way to teach a group? These students are ages 13-18 and all lunch all I herd was Miss! Miss!! There has got to be an easier way to do this haha, maybe project a video on a large screen and have them copy the video? I really want them to succeed. Also looking for small project ideas that they can knit using 4.5 needles and 5.5mm needles, worsted weight yarn (acrylic) and garter stitch!

Any advice or ideas appreciated!
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