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Hi all!

I wanted to update you on things.

As of today, I've received a donation from a dear friend. Thanks to a sweet young girl who allowed me to use a 50% coupon MULTIPLE times, I was able to purchase the following...having $2 left over!

I also received needles from two sweet ladies.

My girls were THRILLED when they walked into my classroom at lunch today!!! They are so touched that y'all care! They are eagerly making plans for knitting scarves and blankets.

One of my girls sold her cotton "practice" scarf that I helped her bind off. She's excited and is thinking that maybe she can make a little bit of extra money doing this! I suggested that she might want to consider majoring in business when she goes to college, and then she could open her own yarn store! Gotta through in educational lessons when you can!!

These girls are knitting during class, with teachers' permission, and some have gotten so good that they can knit without looking down!

I've got new students coming in daily to check out what we are doing, and a young man expressed interest yesterday! He's shy, so it might take him awhile to develop the courage to stay.

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know that your donations are being received with much JOY and thankfulness! You are helping reach these kids by showing that people...even about them.

Thank you!!!

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