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adding more rows to make the motif fit on an adult jumper.
this is a bit complicated to explain. I am knitting a large jumper with a motif on the front of a reindeer. The antlers go right up to the neckline. The shoulders are "dropped" and the neck is round. The motif is 140 rows. The problem is, I knitted the back, and from the begining of the sleeve hole to the begining of the shoulder is 8 and 1/2 inch (which is what they said should be in measurement on the pattern) and the number of rows for this is 57. I started at row 100, so from the bottom of the jumper to the start of the shouder it is 157 rows. The front of the jumper requires that I start the shaping of the neckline 25 less than when I started the shoulder shaping (row 157) which is row 132. Well, if I start the neckline at row 132 I think I would be intruding on the motif which goes on until row 140. The tension of the pattern is 31 rows to 4inch (or 10cm) so my sleevehole should be 66 rows, with the 100 leading up the sleevehole = 166, - 25 rows for the neckline to start = row141 which would fit the motif in. Can I unravel the back a bit and add an extra 9 rows to the sleevehole? 8 and 1/2 inches seems a bit tight anyway for a drop shoulder sleeve. This is bit mind boggling but I hope that somebody knows what I mean. Thanks.
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