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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
For a top down V neck incs are started at the beginning, most of the time on every 4th row. That ends up a couple inches above the underarms on me. If you want it higher than that, you would do them every other or every 3rd row. For a bottom up, begin the decs further up and also adjust the frequency to every other or every 3rd row. Remember that if you're going to put a neckband on, that's going to make the actual edge an inch higher too.
Thank you very much. This is a big help, and yes - I understand a neckband would affect the depth.
So if the neckline is other than a v-neck - say a scoop, e.g. - I would essentially do the same thing - i.e., adjust frequency of decreases?

Again - thanks for your quick and helpful response. A Ravelry member suggested I post my question here because she said the Mods are very active and very helpful. She was right.
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