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more help needed please...
Hi girls....

Im on the sleeve of the jumper now...& need further help plse...
if anyone can help me out..

Ive cast on with 26 stitches & finished the rib...
Im the fourth size on the pattern...
now I have instruction how to increase the width of the arm/sleeve..
but I tink its goin to get too long...
the pattern reads as follows;

working in stocking stitch (throughout) inc 1 st at each end of 9th
[7th:9th:9th:11th:11th] and every foll 8th [6th:8th:8th:10th:10th] row to 26[28:30:34:34:40]

now from this I take it, Im on full plain & purl rows(stocking stitch)
starting with 26 stitches, after end of 9 more rows of st st I add on 1 st. then after the next 8 rows I add another, and repeat this til I get to 34 stitches total...
does this mean I have 56 more rows to do?? Its just the pattern says the arm should measure at this point 24cm. but I have only done the first 9 rows & added 1 st & then the next 8 rows & added another stitch...and it already measures 12cm..
I measured the last set of 8 rows I knitted & they measured 5cm I now alter to suit my tension?? am I possibly knitting a bit loose? thought it does look fine..
If I continue as per pattern my sleeve will measure 44cm before shaping, instead of 24cm..

Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!!xx
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