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I don't have any knitting ones (outside of the Lion Brand one) because I haven't been looking.

Since my earlier post, I've dropped the Nikonians podcast and am not planning to start up any of the other ones I was considering then. I picked up Tips From The Top Floor to fill in for my photography fix.

I think that's all I have time for during my commute so I'm going to stop there -- two scrapbooking, one knitting/crocheting, one photography, one current events (sort of) and one editorial commentary. However, I'm going to try a Disney podcast that one of my other podcast hosts has started, but I don't know if I'll keep it as I'm already listening to more than I have time for. (I'm caught up to mid-July now, but not sure if I'll keep making good progress when I've picked up two more shows. )
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