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You can do it either way, up or down. I use an afterthought thumb on mine, forgot to mention that. I tend to knit a little loose. I use size 8 needles. You might want to use a size 7. The cast on for me was 32 stitches. You can use that as a starting guide. I do magic loop. That comes out to 16 stitches per needle. When I get to the fingers, they're divided four stitches per finger on each needle. I cast on 3 stitches for the gap on the first finger. I pick up 3 for the other fingers. I'm sure you know how to do this. To eliminate the gap between the fingers, I switch the two stitches there around crossing them. If you look at those cheap mini dollar store magic gloves, that's how they're done between the fingers.

I have one glove to go for the inlaw. Am babysitting my granddaughter tonight, so I'll have to remember to measure the SIL's hands. His are about the same size as his father's. It's just getting up the gumption to do it. I so hate knitting fingers in gloves.

Edit: Another thought. I like the German Twisted cast on in the KH videos when doing gloves/mittens bottom up. I like Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy cast off (Youtube) when doing them top down.
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