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Am babysitting my granddaughter tonight,
Yea! You said you hadn't been able to see her before, didn't you? Albatross gloves or not, she's a good reason for looking forward to tonight.

I'm sweatering now. LOL I'll get back to the gloves. If I want to avoid them longer I have 2 scarves otn, one a drop stitch with Simply Sucky...Soft.... yarn in autum red (I think that's what the red is called, the drop stitch got boring and I've not looked at it for a while) and other with a seeded rib stitch in RH With Love berry red (I like this, it's reversible, very easy, and will be really warm, I might make a headband or hat to match I think it might be a bit thick for mittens or gloves and I've not worked it in the round yet). Then there are the socks I started. If I bothered to really think about it there are probably more WIPs. Like the convertible mittens I need to finish stitching. My GS was pleased with the convertible mittens I made for his Sackboy costume, he liked being able to take thumbs and fingers out, BTW I think it was you who posted a pic of mittens with a slit for the thumb, I figured out how to do that for the Sackboy mittens. You're turning into something of a guru! and certainly inspire me.
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