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Pattern Help
Working on the FRONT part of this pattern and it says to work the same as the back. So I'm confused as to what point do I work the same as the back.


Work same as back until armholes measure5(5-5-5-6-6)", end on WS - 72(82-90-100-108-118) sts. Mark center 18 sts on last row.

Shape Neck: Next Row (RS): K to first marker, join another hank of yarn and bind off center 18 sts, k to end. Working both sides at once, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge twice, then dec 1 st at each neck edge every RS row 10 times. When all decs have been completed, work even on 13(18-22-27-31-36) sts each side if necessary until armholes measure 8(8-8-8-9-9)", end on WS. Shape shoulders same as back.

Working on the following pattern:
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